In general, all Alterzone products have a 2-year warranty. 

  • The warranty always starts from the date of purchase. As a general rule, we replace a defective product with a similar or replacement product with similar characteristics.
  • The warranty for the replaced product does not start from the beginning but continues according to the original date of purchase.
  • The warranty does not cover defects caused by wear and tear, software, customer's own installation or operating errors.
  • The warranty product must always be in its original condition. Any modifications made to the product by the customer will void the warranty for that product.
  • In assembled machine packages, the responsibility for the costs of finding out the defective part lies with the packer.

For warranty returns, you must always first fill out the RMA application form on our website to determine any defect. You will receive more detailed return instructions in the return email. We always check the product first for the reported defect. Returns must be accompanied by contact information, a defect report and a copy of the receipt. Returns must be packed carefully. For an unjustified warranty return, we charge the delivery costs charged by Posti. Any service costs will also be charged if the product has its own authorized warranty service.

Alterzone does not take any responsibility for accidents or material damage caused by the home installation or use of special products such as air, water and compressor cooling products. The products are intended for installation and proper use by experts and professionals. 


If your product experiences problems or defects during the warranty period, you can make a warranty refund. However, before returning the warranty, you should make sure that the product is installed and connected correctly.

Follow these steps to make your warranty return easy:

  • Make sure there is still the warranty period left on the product either from the receipt or through the customer account.
  • Report the warranty return by contacting us here

Please make sure to provide the most accurate description of the product defect and how the problem occurred

  • You will receive an email with detailed instructions regarding your warranty return.